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Here at Infinity Acquisitions we are experts at taking on new companies and continuing their legacy.

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A Bit About us

Infinity Acquisitions is an acquisitions company who are primarily focussed on the real estate sector, including caravan, mobile homes & camping sites as well as letting & estate agencies. We offer a seamless transition for those who are looking to take a step away from their company. This seamless transition is ensured by maintaining the highest quality of communication and cooperation with the already existing management team.

We always aim to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement for both parties when entering a sale with Infinity Acquisitions. We will work with you to make sure this accomplished throughout the whole process.

Pieces of a Puzzle

Industry Sectors

Caravan Site
Caravan/Mobile Home Sites

The market size for this industry is considerable and demand for these offerings are increasing as we move out of Covid-19 regulations. More people want affordable holidays without the risk of being abroad whilst the dust settles.

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Letting Agencies

Property management services for residential and commercial property is a massive industry which we are always keen to look at. Any property holding companies or other related businesses are also of interest to us.

Manufacturing Site
Joinery Manufacturing

Every marketable good must be manufactured to some degree making it essential to the global economy. We are particularly interested in the joinery manufacturing industry but if you think your company could be a good fit we would be happy to hear about it.

Distributing Packages
Distribution Services

As businesses continues to move commerce online the demand to deliver and distribute products has greatly increased. Any courier or messenger services are also of great interest to us for the same reason.

Warehousing & Storage

There has been an elevated demand in warehouse storage from many businesses moving more of their business online and supporting their own delivery. Warehousing is one of the strongest positioned industries for moving out of the Covid-19 phase.

Investing with us

There are two methods that you can invest with us.

Distributing Packages
1. Shares in Our Diverse Portfolio

Diversify your investment portfolio across a range of sectors. We can work with you to find what shares would best suit the investment profile you are looking to build and produce a selection tailored to your needs.

Distributing Packages
2. Fixed Return

When we acquire new successful companies we sometimes open up fixed return investments to investors. If this is something you would like to be a part of then get in touch, our contact details are provided on the website.

Meet the team

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Grant Samson

Grant has created and grown successful businesses with over 10 years experience, whilst learning from some of the world's leading business owners. The experience Grant has accumulated has been in sectors closely related to our targeted industries making him our in house expert.

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Ken Mack

Ken has a vast amount of experience in the mergers and acquisitions industry and has been acquiring businesses for over 16 years with a portfolio of over £100m. Ken will be involved in deals to ensure a fair and beneficial agreement is concluded for both parties.